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My hobbies are Tech, Radio & Open Source software.

I have created this site so that i may share what i think are cool internet finds and links with like minded people.

P.S. I am NOT in any way associated with the Kodi media centre.

Find out what Google knows about you and how to delete it.

Listed below are 7 links which will help tell you what Google Knows about you and the 8th link will take you to where you can delete that information.

Search History – Here is your entire Google search history.

Ad's  – Here is what Google thinks what your interests are and shows you ads based on these interests.

Location History – Here are the places where you used Google to do anything.

Takeout – Export every bit of information Google knows about you.

Dashboard – An activity page that tells you about all the Google services you are using.

YouTube search history – YouTube saves all of your searches too.

Permissions – You can see here what permissions you gave to the extensions and sites you use.

Click Me -To go and delete my activity from Google.


Have fun! :-)

Now You Can Test Linux Distro's in Your Browser.

When browsing the web i came upon a great site called “DistroTest”. DistroTest allows you to try out Linux and Unix operating systems for free directly in your browser. You can test 100+ Linux and Unix operating systems online without having to install them locally. Just visit the website, choose the Linux/Unix distro of your choice and fire it up!

Two developers named Andy Klemann and Tobias Forster have hosted this web service using Debian using Qemu. There is no restrictions to use the public distros listed here. You can use all functions of the system as the way you do in your local system. You can install and uninstall software. You can test installed programs and even delete or format the hard disk or system files. In a nutshell, DistoTest leaves it for the distro hoppers to decide which distribution is the best for them, Which graphical interface they want, Which configuration options they have.

As of writing this, DistroTest offers more than 200+ (including different Linux variants and versions). I have been using Linux for years, however I never heard of some of the Linux distros listed.

Click here to try it out now..